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26-06-2006 09:19:28 CET

Hello, Tomas!
At last has found a clip. I very much like this video.Heard, that at Polina there will be a site, but has not found.?
How you treat to this hot summer? And I love heat, but now I think to run away in a province.
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syl 01-06-2006 20:01:23 CET

really nice music. All ur songs r great!
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Helena  Russia, Rostov-on-Don 12-05-2006 23:00:42 CET


Не знаю показывали в Москве или нет. Я случайно увидела на каком-то из кабельных музыкальных каналов.

P.S. Tomas, have you seen Mylene Fafmer's latest video "L'amour n'est rien"?
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Tomas' comment:


I haven't seen the video.
But love IS almost everything.
I met a girl who told me "you can't take your diamonds into heaven"

Юлия 09-05-2006 05:50:45 CET

А я вот клипа не видела.Обидно,ждала.Я что,пропустила,или в Москве не показывали?
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Helena  Rostov-on-Don, Russia 07-05-2006 21:13:58 CET


Tomas, at last I saw the video "She believes in Gold" - COOL!!!

P.S. What was your biggest dream when you were a child?

Thank you,
yours Helena
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Tomas' comment:

Thank you

I wanted to be a drummer as a child.
I still do sometimes :-)

ruso  georgia rustavi 26-04-2006 16:06:40 CET

tomas have you ever been in georgia? it is very beautiful country and people are very lovly piease come and present us your concert i love you
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Ruso

I have been to Tblisi. it was beautiful, and people are very kind.
I would love to come again
thank you, Tomas

Helena  Rostov-on-Don 16-04-2006 18:39:32 CET

Hello, Tomas

How are you? You know, I like your tattoo and I would like to ask: Does it mean anything?

P.S. I'm eagerly waiting for your new songs and your coming to our town!!!

Yours Helena
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Helena
I am fine how are you?
I don't think my tatoo means anything. I got it when I was 17. it's not MY zodiac sign or something like that. But it is my brother's (and also a very beautiful Russian friend of mine) zodiac sign so maybe it means something after all.
I want a new tattoo soon

Allen  California, United States of America, Los Angeles 15-04-2006 10:24:19 CET
Image of beautiful Allen

Hi Tomas! Thanks for your time in sending me your responce message! My mom and i are waiting for your new album. My mom says, in the USA, there is no one close as good as you! Believe me, it's true! Your talent is amazing! And my mom has never been wrong so if she says your good, your good! To make a story short, keep up your amazing work and your amazing music! Oh and thanks to your music, my mom's always in a good mood. We hope your marrige with your beautiful wife, Polina, will last forever. She's a lucky woman! Best wishes to you and we're waiting for your new albums(especially my mom)
-Allen and his mother, Irina
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ruso and mari  georgia rustavi 02-04-2006 12:15:23 CET
Image of beautiful ruso and mari

hi we love you... and we love your songs but we can't listen songs from your web. can you help us? thanks
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Tomas' comment:

beautiful picture
It should be possible to hear parts of my songs on this site. click on "music" please

Tamuna  Georgia 26-03-2006 20:05:40 CET

"Since you've been gone"...that song just touched me..i absolutely fell in love with it. I was looking for it for a long time and had no idea that you have your personal web site.Yesterday I find it and i am so happy!
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