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takoshka 14-03-2006 13:54:46 CET

hi!!!!!!!! i like your song very much!
"since you been gone" i can lisen to this song, every day, every minute.........
I LOVE U !!!!!
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Amor  sacramento, CA 04-03-2006 10:11:40 CET

"since you've been gone"...that song just touched me..i absolutely fell in love with it. im sure everyone has...
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diana  Israel 22-02-2006 12:36:53 CET

I so love your songs!
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Vered  France 19-02-2006 15:58:26 CET

Tomas: Someone on your PR team needs to write an article about you on WIKIPEDIA. I searched for you in five languages, and couldn't find anything.

I like your music a lot. Best of luck to you.

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Mette og Mette 14-02-2006 14:35:23 CET

Hej Tomas!

Så er artiklen online. Vi håber, at du bliver glad for resultatet.
Tjek den ud på:

Med venlig hilsen
Mette og Mette
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Anonymous 12-02-2006 11:55:17 CET
makuna 11-02-2006 09:51:51 CET

Hi Tomas!
I thought that you were 24-25 years old an` not 36. u r cool man Tomas! I love urs and polina's song this is just another love song, and since u've been gone!!! I had very good times on ur songs and that's why i love it!!! bye Tomas!
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ingars  latvija 09-02-2006 20:19:55 CET
Image of beautiful ingars

HEllo my name is Ingars.I"m 12 years old and i live in Latvija.I like yo music.
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Мария 09-02-2006 11:57:30 CET
Image of beautiful Мария

Hello, Tomas!I'm glad to write you...I'd like to know if yuo are going to come to St.Petersburg? I'm waiting for your album...And by the way, I like the song "Pick up the phone" very much but I can't find it
Want to wish you a lot of success and happiness!!!
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Helena  Russia, Rostov - on - Don 07-02-2006 21:08:52 CET

Hi Tomas

Believe, I don’t think that playing guitar is a boring thing to do. I, for example, prefer to play the piano or read alone in my room. It brings so much pleasure it’s kind of rest for head and soul from all troubles and routine in life: just to close the door and let your imagination bring you far away to a wonderful world of your dream.

Yours Helena
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