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Michel Saxmose Hansen  Denmark 30-12-2005 17:26:37 CET

Hello My Cossen !

Hej Fætter T. Chr. !!!

Fed skive - godt gået !!
Og Super at se at DU er over : Mr. R. Willjams og de andre eller også gode Musikere ! ! !

Et foto af Din Gran Gran Fætter - C.
Min Junior Christoffer ! ! ! ! ! ! !.

Nå Men inden jeg Lokker Af -

Så vil Jeg Lige Ønske Og Din Kone.

Et godt & Lykke Bringende Nytår.

Michel !!!

:-)o )
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Tomas' comment:

Hej Faetter
godt nytaar

hvor er billedet?

KH Tomas

NaTaLi 28-12-2005 22:14:42 CET

helooo Tomas :):) i like your songs too much :):) and now i`m listening you`r song and it reminds me someone else and i can`t keep cry becouse i love this person too much and your songs helps me to be always in touch on my mind with this person whom i like most thanks and good luck !!!! kiss your wife from me bye bye :):)
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makuna 24-12-2005 15:01:50 CET

hi tomas how's life? why don't u answer me? u r cool man and i like ur songs so see u bye
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Makuna
life is very good. I am happy you like my songs.
If you like "she believes in gold" please remember to vote for it on
see you

Tanie  USA 17-12-2005 00:15:13 CET

I like your songs. Thank you so much.U r the best
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Helena  Rostov-on-Don 09-12-2005 19:33:40 CET

Hello Tomas

You know, I'm not scared I'm thrilled. One of my favourite singers is Marilyn Manson. And I'm fond of Jack The Ripper story. I would like to know what do you prefer to do in your spare time?

Thank you

I'm eagerly waiting for your show in my town.

I hope you like Red Roses.
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Tomas' comment:

Hello Helena
I guess I play guitar in my spare time. sorry if it's a little boring.

cat 08-12-2005 13:08:25 CET

I regret about a delay in shooting a clip.
I wish success.
I shall wait to look.
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cat 08-12-2005 10:41:01 CET

Where it is possible to find the text < She Believes in Gold >, please.
I know English very bad (I understand only separate phrases)
If not clear I write, the compiler is guilty.
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Cat

thank U 4 writing
you can find the lyrics on this website, under "music"

makuna  hey there 03-12-2005 16:50:52 CET

hi tomas how r u? do u remember me? yeeh i forgot happy birthday i with all good... u are one of my favourite singers... if u answer me here i'll like u more tomas bye bye u r cool man and see u! :):):) answer me
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Helena  Rostov - on - Don 02-12-2005 19:31:20 CET

Hello, Tomas!

I'm so sorry that I couldn't write HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.(I was away) I know that it's a little late but anyway I would like to wish you all the best, let all your dreams come true!!!

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Tomas' comment:

Hello Helena
thank you thank you

Forever white 27-11-2005 08:16:08 CET

Hey, it's me again,
i would like to know - How many remixes of S.O.S. have heard Polina?
And second question is what she thinkin bout new female leading voice of a-Studio - Kathy?????
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Tomas' comment:

there is 7 different official remixes of S.O.S
the 2. question I cant answer right now. Polina is not here @ the moment. But I think she is good

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