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NaTaLi 28-12-2005 22:14:42 CET

helooo Tomas :):) i like your songs too much :):) and now i`m listening you`r song and it reminds me someone else and i can`t keep cry becouse i love this person too much and your songs helps me to be always in touch on my mind with this person whom i like most thanks and good luck !!!! kiss your wife from me bye bye :):)
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makuna 24-12-2005 15:01:50 CET

hi tomas how's life? why don't u answer me? u r cool man and i like ur songs so see u bye
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Makuna
life is very good. I am happy you like my songs.
If you like "she believes in gold" please remember to vote for it on
see you

Tanie  USA 17-12-2005 00:15:13 CET

I like your songs. Thank you so much.U r the best
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Helena  Rostov-on-Don 09-12-2005 19:33:40 CET

Hello Tomas

You know, I'm not scared I'm thrilled. One of my favourite singers is Marilyn Manson. And I'm fond of Jack The Ripper story. I would like to know what do you prefer to do in your spare time?

Thank you

I'm eagerly waiting for your show in my town.

I hope you like Red Roses.
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Tomas' comment:

Hello Helena
I guess I play guitar in my spare time. sorry if it's a little boring.

cat 08-12-2005 13:08:25 CET

I regret about a delay in shooting a clip.
I wish success.
I shall wait to look.
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cat 08-12-2005 10:41:01 CET

Where it is possible to find the text < She Believes in Gold >, please.
I know English very bad (I understand only separate phrases)
If not clear I write, the compiler is guilty.
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Cat

thank U 4 writing
you can find the lyrics on this website, under "music"

makuna  hey there 03-12-2005 16:50:52 CET

hi tomas how r u? do u remember me? yeeh i forgot happy birthday i with all good... u are one of my favourite singers... if u answer me here i'll like u more tomas bye bye u r cool man and see u! :):):) answer me
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Helena  Rostov - on - Don 02-12-2005 19:31:20 CET

Hello, Tomas!

I'm so sorry that I couldn't write HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.(I was away) I know that it's a little late but anyway I would like to wish you all the best, let all your dreams come true!!!

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Tomas' comment:

Hello Helena
thank you thank you

Forever white 27-11-2005 08:16:08 CET

Hey, it's me again,
i would like to know - How many remixes of S.O.S. have heard Polina?
And second question is what she thinkin bout new female leading voice of a-Studio - Kathy?????
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Tomas' comment:

there is 7 different official remixes of S.O.S
the 2. question I cant answer right now. Polina is not here @ the moment. But I think she is good

Natalie  Moscow 12-11-2005 14:19:38 CET

Hello Tomas!!
First of all, i wish you a very HAPPY Birthday and may all your dreams come true!
It's been a long time since i've heard your music for the 1st time and i still keep the CD you've sent as my very favorite. I've got to say that your music went to another level over these years, but still stays soulful and touching, and i guess that the love you've found here in Russia is not the last thing that keeps you inspired to write such a wonderful songs. All the best to you and Polina!

P.S Can't wait to see the new video on "She believes in Gold"

Much luv, Natty
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Natalie
good to hear from you again
it has been a long time, hasnt it
thank you for your kind words.
I am going to start shooting the video tomorrow.
very exited

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