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Forever White 18-09-2005 09:20:39 CET

Listen tom,its strange that you rsponsed to my comment, wheni said that polina is hot, but your music - cheap and bored,this words doesnt hurt you any how? thats good, that you respect other opinions,
by the way, why Polina still in Russia, i mean, she could try work in Paris, cuzz i think here is a lot od DJ's who will be glad work with polina, its true,See ya man in Paris ( with Polina

A Bientot:)
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Tomas' comment:

yesterday Polina was performing in Paris.
I forgot to tell you. sorry

Forever Whiteeee 18-09-2005 09:16:38 CET

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Inga  NYC Unites States 30-08-2005 04:03:01 CET

Hi Tomas!
I love your music, I love your lyrics, but how can i see your vidoes? Here in the states we don't get much of the European artists much.Do you have any upcoming shows?
Will you come to the States to perform?
When should we expect your next album?
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Inga
thank you. I dont have any performances in US very soon Im affraid.
But. my next album should be released in May, I hope

Sevinj  Baku , Azerbaijan 25-08-2005 09:30:01 CET

Hello,Tom.I know you are a poet,BABY!Moreover,you are one of my favorite singer/poets.That's why last time I've been using your style (from one perfect song, you know? :)),when I wrote you.I just wanted you to understand the way I love and feel not only your tender music, but your deep,pure and touching words too!( Including sounds of your breath,that I catch everytime,when I'm listening in to your sweet songs).I hope you really lked and got me as I wished you did.Thank you for all the things you gave me .To watch my name ,written by red is one the most super events in my life.
Will always ....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Forever White 22-08-2005 13:56:02 CET

Polina doin better carrer then you, she's hot and i heard her vynil with A studio in Paris, its really great. What about you - i think your music is quite boring and cheap, but i like polina very much :))))
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Tomas' comment:

Yes, Polina is very hot.
And within a month, her new video for "justice of love" is going to be released.

tata  u are cool 20-08-2005 12:44:35 CET

hi! tomas i like u are cool man. i like ur wife and ur songs u are the best singer in the world. i wish u all good. and please unswer me here. i'll be very happy. do u have child? bye
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natali  georgia (tbilisi) 19-08-2005 22:05:24 CET
Image of beautiful natali

hi i like you songs and i wish you all good i think taht youll have very nice and very good songs i like all you songs but most oi like it is just another love song that you are sing with your wife it is cool.i am natali and ill happy if you send to me messege ill like you more bye i wish you all good and bye bey take care;)
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Tomas' comment:

Thank you Natali
and thank you for the photo.

makuna  u are cool man ;) 19-08-2005 19:19:56 CET

Tomas! i like u and i love ur songs. u are very nice and u have wonderful voice. can u tell me ur age? how many languages u know? dear tomas u are wrilley cool man i think that u know this but..... u nd polina is bestttttttttt wife and husband in the world and i wish u everythin good. i'm livin in georgia (tbilisi) where r u from? ur makuna
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Makuna

thank you for writing
I am 35 years old.
I come from Denmark where we speak Danish. But I speak a little English and German and Swedish too.

Helena  Russia, Rostov - on - Don 07-08-2005 19:45:00 CET

Hello Tomas

How are you? I haven’t heard rather long time from you and about… I begin to worry, if it’s everything alright. How’s Polina? I’ve heard that she made a video for ”Justice of Love”. When will it appear on TV Channels? I’d love it to be on HEAVY ROTATION!!! I would like to hear YOUR new songs so much.

P.S. Всего наилучщего.
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Helena

we are working in the studio these days
Polina's new video is released in September, I think.

Olga  Germany 05-08-2005 20:14:12 CET

Hey Tommy, u look so beautiful. I'm so crazy cause of u !!!!
It's a pitty that u're not free anymore.I met u one time (or maybe more often) in a club, but now you've been gone...
Bye bye
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