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Helena  Russia, Rostov-on-Don 04-11-2005 18:19:44 CET

Hi,it's me again...
Tomas I'm begging you PLEASE!PLEASE! PLEASE!!! Answer: When will you come to Rostov-on-Don? I just can't wait any longer!!!

P.S. Thank you

P.P.S. My little sister says that you look like Charles Manson with beard.

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Tomas' comment:

Heeeey Helena
I certainly hope to come there soon.
yes the beard is making me look a little like Charles Manson. She is not the first one to say that. BUT I am going to shave in 3 days when the video clip has been shot. I only shoot videos :-)
Not people.
we do have birthday on the same date though.
uuuhhh scary

Helena  Russia, Rostov-on-Don 31-10-2005 18:11:03 CET


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Helena  Russia, Rostov-on-Don 30-10-2005 20:00:44 CET

Hi Tomas!
How are you?
I have heard your new single on Europe+. The song is cool. What inspires you to write? In what state of mood do you write your lyrics and music? What song do you think is your best one? I saw Polina's new video!!!!! Well, though I'm a girl I think she is the prettiest woman I've ever seen. GOOD LUCK IN ALL YOUR BEGINNINGS!

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Klon 17-10-2005 23:46:11 CET

you can find cool interview with Tomas over here:
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Julia 17-10-2005 18:07:21 CET

Looked translation on Rambler.
The beard decorates not all men.
Томас, it is necessary so to spoil the person.And sang very well.
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Anna 14-10-2005 16:55:10 CET

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Irina from Ukraine  Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine 26-09-2005 09:16:22 CET

Dear Tomas, I am very sorry but I did not get to attend the "Reporter" Birthday party on Sept. 24-th, 2005 (for a great pity, I failed to get an invitation card there). So I was not able to meet you here. I sincerely regret about that since I was looking forward to meeting you in person very much. I do hope to see you next time you are here. I wish you the very best success and look forward to listening to your new songs. Sincerely, Irina from Ukraine.
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Irina from Ukraine  Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine 22-09-2005 16:17:24 CET

Dear Tomas, I became your admirer since I heard your song "Since You've Been Gone" for the first time few years ago. So far I could hear only this one and "Every Time (I See You Smile)" on our TV. So I can tell you are a great singer and composer. I love your voice and the style you sing. You write a very melodious songs. I know you and Polina Grifith will participate in the Birthday Party of "Reporter" in our city of Dnepropetrovsk on September 24-th, 2005. I hope to be able to attend this Party and look forward to seeing you and listening to your beautiful songs. I would like to wish you and Polina to have a great success during the performance here. Welcome to Ukraine! Wishing you the very best of health, happiness and good luck! May God bless you richly in everything you do! See you soon... Irina from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. P.S. I am an interpreter, so I've tried to translate a few of my favorite songs which you sing, from English to Russian recently. Would be glad to give them to you when you are here...
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Forever White 18-09-2005 09:20:39 CET

Listen tom,its strange that you rsponsed to my comment, wheni said that polina is hot, but your music - cheap and bored,this words doesnt hurt you any how? thats good, that you respect other opinions,
by the way, why Polina still in Russia, i mean, she could try work in Paris, cuzz i think here is a lot od DJ's who will be glad work with polina, its true,See ya man in Paris ( with Polina

A Bientot:)
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Tomas' comment:

yesterday Polina was performing in Paris.
I forgot to tell you. sorry

Forever Whiteeee 18-09-2005 09:16:38 CET

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