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Sevinj  Baku , Azerbaijan 26-07-2005 09:04:32 CET

O.K.Anyway.Just know, I feel everything in your music & it's enough for me.Secure your talant.
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Sevinj  Baku , Azerbaijan 19-07-2005 09:06:00 CET

Which words of my love and respect will be enough for you to reply me,ha, my favorite singer?
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Sevinj  Baku , Azerbaijan 15-07-2005 08:43:46 CET

'cause everytime I need your voice
It's too hard to wait your choice
( Yeh- yeh)
I am sittin' right here
I will never take my eyes from you
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Tomas' comment:

Hey Sevinj

very good

and maybe you don't know it
but baby I'm a poet


popcap game review  Indianapolis 10-07-2005 08:49:22 CET

Hi everybody! Warm greetings from hot Florida!
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Laura  USA 01-07-2005 06:00:13 CET

Hi Tomas,
I would never dare to publicize my letters to anyone and never have before, but your image and your music induce me to do this. I am a musician myself, and as a student I was never allowed to experience any other kind of music but classical masterpieces. Yet, I have a gut feeling that your music is going to become legendary one day very soon. Do you know why? Because I see how pure your soul is. I see it right through your eyes. And you probably know better than me that this is the only way to make music acknowledgeable to the audience-to put your heart and soul into it…Whatever, your dreams are, I wish they will come true and that you’ll be happy…No words can fully express a person’s true feelings, but I know for sure that my feelings at this moment are truly awakened by your music…

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Biana  New York 01-07-2005 05:18:22 CET

I am astonished and completely mystified by your unique ability to convey your innermost thoughts and emotions through the lovely and passionate lyrics of your songs, which have become universal. Your song, "Since You've Been Gone" first captivated by mind during your performance in Urmala, and it continued to play in my mind, until I was able to sing every note precisely right. Singing is my passion, and your voice is my inspiration…I am sure that you would be glad to find out that numerous fans in New York, including myself, endlessly await to see your performance and we yearn to hear your beautiful songs live.

Luv, Biana
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Sevinj  Baku Azerbaijan 28-06-2005 08:34:26 CET

Hi,don't you know how much I MISS YOU!Please, come to our country again and you feel all my heartbeats.Your music makes my soul goes on.You are always on my mind,I just really wanna you be happy.Take care.
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Helena  Russia, Rostov - on - Don 25-06-2005 20:41:53 CET

Hello Tomas
How are you? I would like to see you and Polina taking part in some TV show or concert!!!

P.S. Do you like Marilyn Manson?

Thank you
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Liz  USA 25-06-2005 06:09:50 CET

Hey! I just became a huge fan, but it's driving me crazy that I can't find your CD in the USA. I tried that one store you mentioned and I didn't find it. Do you know of any other place that might have it?
Anyway, I love your music and you have a wonderful voice. You are truely talented!

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Kim 21-06-2005 10:06:02 CET

Hi! That was terrible situation! We was not on TV...
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