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Sevinj  Baku Azerbaijan 28-06-2005 08:34:26 CET

Hi,don't you know how much I MISS YOU!Please, come to our country again and you feel all my heartbeats.Your music makes my soul goes on.You are always on my mind,I just really wanna you be happy.Take care.
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Helena  Russia, Rostov - on - Don 25-06-2005 20:41:53 CET

Hello Tomas
How are you? I would like to see you and Polina taking part in some TV show or concert!!!

P.S. Do you like Marilyn Manson?

Thank you
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Liz  USA 25-06-2005 06:09:50 CET

Hey! I just became a huge fan, but it's driving me crazy that I can't find your CD in the USA. I tried that one store you mentioned and I didn't find it. Do you know of any other place that might have it?
Anyway, I love your music and you have a wonderful voice. You are truely talented!

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Kim 21-06-2005 10:06:02 CET

Hi! That was terrible situation! We was not on TV...
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Orkhan 10-06-2005 15:29:22 CET

I`ll waiting for you & Polina in Baku next summer. This summer I`ll in army. So think about this.
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Kim 31-05-2005 19:37:08 CET

Tomas! i hope you`ll be ok after vocation!
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Olga 25-05-2005 12:19:34 CET

Whoopsy-daisy! I meant you music is so great to listen during the warm summer nights but it not any worse when everything covered in snow:)
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Olga  Estonia 23-05-2005 14:36:37 CET

Dear Thomas!
How come you didnt visit us lately? We d love to see you live! You music is jsut created for summer nights!best wishes and warmest regards
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Helena  Russia, Rostov - on - Don 20-05-2005 21:40:40 CET

Hello Tomas

How are you?I would like to know have you heard the songs, which had been chosen for Eurovision in Ukraine? And if so, what song did you like most of all – you would vote for?

Thank you

P.S. I liked a teacher from Denmark.
Best wishes to you
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Helena 18-05-2005 21:08:40 CET

Please somebody (admin) delete the message dated 30.04.2005 (I will kill my sister)
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