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Kim 02-05-2005 16:30:52 CET

Hey wassssss up))
I wanna see you and Polina inside the red FERRARI
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Helena  Russia, Rostov-on-Don 30-04-2005 18:04:50 CET

Hi Tomas,
how are you? Where are you now?
Please write me a word...

Yours Helena
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Hery  USA 26-04-2005 20:03:50 CET

Tomas, you will not believe how much it took me to find your cd, I ABSOLUTELLY love the song since you've been gone. where are you from originally? I heard this sond on a russian radio and it took me forever to find your web page since I do not understand russian , though my granpharents are russians. is there any place in the USA that I can order your cd?
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Hery

Thank you for your letter
I am from Denmark
I have heard that the album is to be found in a store called "St. Petersburg" on Brighton Beach in Brooklyn.
maybe they can send you one, if you live far from that place.
best wishes, Tomas

Marionella 25-04-2005 13:40:30 CET

Hey everybody!
Tomas, you are the greatest in the world!!! When does the new album appear? I am waiting for it!
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Tomas' comment:

Dear Marionella

thanks for the kind words

the new album is going to take a little longer to produce. but I hope to have a new single ready soon

Kim 19-04-2005 15:36:15 CET

Hey I am in Moscow.I you and Polina tO be the happyest! See you soon.
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Tomas' comment:

Thank you Kim

I wish you happiness too


Olga 07-04-2005 14:31:35 CET

привет! Томас и Полина Ваши песни мне очень нравятся. Была на вашем концерте в Минске. Супер, только очень мало. желаю вам удачи.
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Olga

thank you for writing
We were very happy to be in Minsk too.
it was a great place. and people were very kind.

Helena 30-03-2005 23:57:18 CET

Huh! It’s just occurred to me that it’s not Russian site and time is OK...
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Helena 30-03-2005 14:35:25 CET

Tomas and Polina,

I'm watching Total Show on MTV. WOW, GREAT!
the time in the guestbook is not correct, now - 16:34
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Helena 30-03-2005 14:21:53 CET

GOOD LUCK!!! Sorry.
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Helena 30-03-2005 14:17:56 CET

Hi, Tomas,
You know, I understand you when you write about difficulties with different sounds. I had the same problems when I was learning English. Now everything is OK. I’m sure that you will succeed. GOOD LACK!!!

P.S. Please, could you write when you will come to Rostov-on-Don and where you will perform. I’m afraid to miss your concert. You know, when you came to our town last time (Megafon show) you visited nightclub “White Lilly”. I was so upset to miss you performed in there, plus I live in two Bus Stops from that place.
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