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Blu 25-02-2005 22:55:29 CET

Dear Tomas!

Have you seen what goes on with your Site and Guestbook? Right. NOTHING. No new materials, no photos, no comments or replies to your fans’ letters. It looks like there is not a soul in here. We talk to ourselves. I know that you are very busy person, but what about the admins and people who should collect the information for this page. Are they all disappeared?...
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Helena 23-02-2005 22:22:51 CET
Image of beautiful Helena

I did not like my picture which I placed first.
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Helena 23-02-2005 22:15:39 CET
Image of beautiful Helena

Tomas don't be upset Polina is too good for such contest like Eurovision.
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Tomas' comment:

Thank you Helena, She'll be happy to hear that.

Helena  Russia, Rostov-on-Don 17-02-2005 18:25:14 CET

Tomas you can use it if you like. Please send me a note if you have read my lyrics.
Thank you.
I beg no mercy, no mercy from you
I’m praying to God
Please fend me some truth
Though I’m down on my knees
No a tear anymore
Last night many soldiers
Were coming back home
They were dreaming ‘bout life
Out of a danger zone
Their song was so bright
Like a burning flame

People want to live
In the world without war
We all want to see
Our children live in love

Magic dreams here on earth
Do you really think it’s worth?

For what do we fight
Every day and every night
Our children cryAnd we lost believe
For what do we lie?
Step by step and side by side
Our children try
But they can’t forgive

Let’s make the world a Home…
Happy hours that we’ve had are gone
Passed a Big Time of our love
How I want you to come back home

When your phone doesn’t ask: “Do you love?”
Don’t think about the past
Life is going on

From the river of sorrow to the ocean of tears
Hoping that tomorrow will throw away all these fears
When the world stops turning
I will throw your love away
We don’t know what the future brings
But we wake up every day
Hoping, believing, making some plans
Hating, forgiving, taking a chance

In your life you hold on
To the best thing you can find
We were born for sorrow
But let a loving heart be your guide

My heart is beating
Beating so fast
I can’t control it
I’m losing my breath
You are so damn good-looking
I got a crush on your pretty face

Upside down and inside out
I feel my brain soon will explode
Inside out and upside down
I’m sick and tired of being ignored

I want you to stay please hold me
I want you to live in my life
There’s no foolish dreams - I love you
I’m longing to be by your side

Remembering the day I saw you
That moment now sealed on my mind
There was so much light – you told me:
“I wish you so bad feeling right”

Time’s filled us with pain – we’re lonely
Strangers are passing us by
Friends don’t understand me
They wonder if I’m still alive

I’m hoping someday you’ll stand on my way
And I’ll never be able to move you aside
It’s your Birthday time, but why do I cry?
I cry deep inside you are not for me

I’d like you to hear my prayers by now
I’d love you to look in my eyes somehow
But you even don’t know that I’m still exist
You’re hundreds miles away and I miss
It’s hard to say good-bye to the biggest friend
But it’s not easy to ignore what’s happened
Your lonely soul has gone along the way
The stupid dreams and hears – they are all chattered

Who’s right – who’s wrong
It doesn’t really matter
When eyes are full of tears
And you can’t help from falling

Another hero is born again
And our faded dreams, they are old-fashioned
Another movie scene is on again
And one more book begins with a brand new legend

I’m in love with one woman (man) of not my kind
But I hope she (he) will be with me for the rest of my life
In her (his) eyes I can see no lie
I believe so true love will make all my dreams fly high

Oh, I need you so much I just can’t explain
What I feel deep inside when I hear your name
Life is running so fast it does not give a try
To rethink everything I’ve made up on my mind

Could you stop for a minute would you look at me
I’m so grateful to you for still loving me
I forgot all the worries I’ve had before
If you stay I believe I can give you much more

I've got more.
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Tomas' comment:

Wow,very nice.
I like it
but I guess I still have a few stories of my own to tell
thank you very much for sharing your lyrics with us

katrin 17-02-2005 16:24:23 CET

hi, Tomas! this is katrin again! i tryed to call you but nobady answer. please write me. i want to tell you something. do you remember me? when you were on MTV 15 Fabruary i was translated everything! i want to see you and meet Polina again! please! i'm waiting for you answer!
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katrin 17-02-2005 16:17:37 CET
Image of beautiful katrin

hi, Tomas! i think you can't remember me because everyday you meet so many people! but i thinl you remember show on MTV, you were there 15 fabruary. Polina was ill tht's why i translated everything what you saud. now do you remember me? we made photos with you and Alla Duhova. i want to have a contact with you! please, answer me!
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Tomas' comment:

Hey Katrin

of course I remember you.
thank you for translating
what we have done without you?
I don't know.

katrina  i have study 17-02-2005 16:08:51 CET

hi, Tomas! i'm Katrin! i met you on MTV! you were without Polina, she was ill. and i translated everything what you said! it was great! if you need any help call me please or write!
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Tomas' comment:

hi Katrina

thank you very much for translating in mtv


Helena  Russia, Rostov - on Don 16-02-2005 10:26:05 CET

Hi, Tomas. I would like to say that the more I listen to your music and watch you perform the more I'm sure that you are one of the best musitians I have ever heard. I will send an SMS for Polina. I don't like our show business much but if you will be working, you and Polina, we will go international in nearer future. GOOD LUCK!!!
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Sergei  USA 15-02-2005 23:48:39 CET

Fabulous music, great lyrics... All I can say is good luck... Never heard something like that!
U r the best!
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Viktoriya  USA, but from Ukraine 06-02-2005 19:39:54 CET

Hi Tomas! Just wanted to say that your songs are amazing! Did your CD debute in the US yet? I'm from Ukraine, but live in the US, so I hope that it'll come out soon!You are very CUTE, no, actually, you are so HOTT!Hope you can email me back! Thanks!

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Tomas' comment:


thank you for your message
I think my album is for sale in a store named RBC at Brighton Beach in Brooklyn

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