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Graddus* 19-01-2005 01:16:08 CET

Salom Alleykum, Tomas!
Is everything ok?
I can help u with info about uzbekish since you've been gone stuff.

P.S.Where a u?
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Виктoр 13-01-2005 13:36:53 CET

Привет Томас!
Я знаю,что ты узучаешь сейчас русский, и именно поэтому решила написать тебе на русском!
Сегодня я первый раз зашла на твой официальный сайт!Хотелось бы тебе сказать спасибо за твои песни!Они всегда со мной, когда мне плохо и когда хорошо!Твой последний альбом я уже знаю почти наизусть т.к.первая кассета твоего альбома "Since you've been gone" я прослушала до "дыр"!Но уже успела купить второй!Хочу поздравить со Старым Новым годом и пожелать удачи!!!!!!
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Tomas' comment:

рыоапып зкшмуе ???

Katya  Russia 01-01-2005 04:21:08 CET

Happy New Year!!!
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BWO (Helena)  Russia, Rostov - on - Don 24-12-2004 12:58:11 CET

Hello,Tomas.I would like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, many Hits #1 all over the world, let all your dreams come true. Your music deserves to be heard.You and Polina a wonderful couple. I like when sing in duet "I play for you". It is my favourite song in your album and I am glad that it is on Europe+ rotation at last.
I don't know if you remember we had a little conversation in MTV chat right before your Burthday. I asked where I could send my lyrics for you to read it. You answered that I could come to this guest book. But I don't want everybody see it. Please, if you can, write a note to my e-mail address and I will send it to your e-mail.

P.S. Good luck in learning Russian.
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Jeri Unselt  USA 22-12-2004 19:10:11 CET

Me again,

My friend who is from the Ukraine is wondering where is the band from? How many albums have you come out with? You guys are popular in the Ukraine!!!!
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Jeri Unselt  USA 22-12-2004 16:29:04 CET


A friend of mine is wondering if your album is released in the US yet?

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myxa forever 24-11-2004 15:10:54 CET

watch me on friday on fabrica
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Leif Hansen 24-11-2004 11:48:55 CET
Image of beautiful Leif Hansen

here is my picture
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Leif Hansen  Kerteminde 24-11-2004 11:25:40 CET

Hi Tomas.

Is it true that you are playing at Romso Open Air?

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Anonymous 23-11-2004 18:08:32 CET

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