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Jeri Unselt  USA 22-12-2004 19:10:11 CET

Me again,

My friend who is from the Ukraine is wondering where is the band from? How many albums have you come out with? You guys are popular in the Ukraine!!!!
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Jeri Unselt  USA 22-12-2004 16:29:04 CET


A friend of mine is wondering if your album is released in the US yet?

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myxa forever 24-11-2004 15:10:54 CET

watch me on friday on fabrica
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Leif Hansen 24-11-2004 11:48:55 CET
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here is my picture
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Leif Hansen  Kerteminde 24-11-2004 11:25:40 CET

Hi Tomas.

Is it true that you are playing at Romso Open Air?

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Anonymous 23-11-2004 18:08:32 CET

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Milena  Estonia 02-11-2004 13:55:29 CET

Hi Tomas!
I heared few songs of your own and now I like it so much. Unfortunately in Tallinn(Estonia) I can't find your album "Sence You've Been Gone" and don't know what to do. May be someone know how I could buy your CD somewhere else(by post, for example)?
Thank's anyway
Wish you luck and amazing new songs
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Tomas' comment:

thank you Milena

I hope it will be for sale in estonia very soon

Delfina  Vladivostok 24-09-2004 00:32:05 CET
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Hello, Thomas and NEVERGREEN! I want to tell to YOU many thanks that have arrived to our city! All of us very much liked YOUR performance! Guys, we love YOU!Ah, if only we could meet is more often... For now we need to catch the memoirs on videorecordings and photos... To keep YOU in heart...
Success to YOU!
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Andrey  Kyiv 19-09-2004 16:40:53 CET

I suggest musik gor your songs. Mope to our coopezation
Shashkeyev Andrew,compositor. t. 80675974178
How I can send to you? Your's E-mail?
Best regards
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ag 19-09-2004 06:49:22 CET

u better call 646-208-9617
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