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aLI g  sUPERhITaDOLF@YAHOO.COM  http://HET  11209 19-09-2004 06:47:18 CET

WHERE IS POLINA! ANSWER TO ME! YOUR SELF, OR! .... si ya! i LIKE aLI G . but show was closed in the USA!
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Alan  Peru 18-09-2004 05:54:56 CET

I'm from Latin America. Love "since you've been gone"!!!
I'm just looking forward to watching the song's video, which i haven't found anywhere. Can someone please create a link so that we can watch it???!!
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Dmitry Yakovlev  Russia, Krasnodar 16-09-2004 15:11:09 CET

Весной этого года, во время гастролей в Краснодаре (Россия), Томас совершил свой первый прыжок с парашютом. О том как это было Вы можете посмотреть в клипе по этой ссылке:
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Mariya 12-09-2004 00:05:24 CET

Hello, Thomas.
My name is Mariya and I live in St.Petersburg. I want to thank you for your songs, that are very close to me. I feel them and it's very important. I like you, your songs very much. Everyday I wake up and listen to my favourite song "Since you've been gone". (I also like your ballads)
Thank you for your creature. I hope one day you'll come here and I'll be able to see you (I have already been on the concert called "The bomb of the year" and I presented a toy for you then)
Thank you again. Good luck to you!!!Looking forward to talk to you and to see you. And sorry for my mistakes, my English isn't perfect. :-)
I hope you'll like my photo.
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Lika 25-08-2004 22:09:01 CET

dear tomas,

i always wanted to send you this picture so you can have some fun when you're feeling lonely after a long day in the studio....

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Tina 25-08-2004 22:04:05 CET

Dear Tomas,

You are great and I hope that we'll see you in the world charts soon. Let me ask you one question please - why is it that you are not releasing your record in Denmark, your homeland, and especially the rest of W. Europe and US? The material is more than suitable for any western radioplay. Please answer my question as I've been curious to know this from the very first time I heard your very impressive first single. I'm sure many of your listeners want to know the reason why you're not storming the world charts, as well. So we are all looking forward to your response and hope that your next album will be successfuly releasing globally.
Best of luck,
Really look forward to hearing from you,

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Maya  Moscow 21-08-2004 02:31:41 CET

"This is just another love song
Ordinary pop song
Words can not explain what I feel..."

This is all I can say... :-)
I have no words to express how I feel about this song and many other songs of Tomas. AWESOME! Duet with Polina Grifith is just perfect. You guys look great together! :-)
Thanks a lot for your music!!! :-)
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Ekaterina  Russia, Rostov-on-Don 16-08-2004 20:00:36 CET

Hey, Thomas! I worked at your concert as the dancer in the city of Rostov - on-Don. We blows "Freedom" refers to. We very much like your disk. It was pleasant to work with you. The concert has very much liked all our friends. We shall be glad to see you again in our city. A song where you sing in blow with Polina - super!!! . Send the regards to your musicians. You write words and music? Look ours with you a photo.
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Isabel  milan 12-08-2004 20:11:20 CET

Hi Tomas,
just wanted to said that I really like your music!!
Hope to see you in Milan with gigs=))
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jesper 06-08-2004 16:40:53 CET

hello tomas.i know not about you can danish or only english, but i has write to u in concact mail, and hope you will answer very soon back, because i has any quastion to you who i want and hope you can help me with make a people very happy....jesper from denmark
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