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Polina 22-07-2004 15:32:39 CET

Hello dear Tomas!!! You are most terrific man in the world!!!

This was big happiness when You sang in Rostov-on-Don! Everybody is quite delight from You!
I have looked forward when You come to our city and it will possible to hear and see You really, Tomas!I adore your wonderful voluptuous songs and your voice is such gentile, exciting and simply stunned!It was unforgettable sensation for me to stay in front of you almost beside!
Tomas, you are very popular and have enormous success in Russia! All my friends love your creative activity.I believe your best songs are "since you have been gone", "every time", "I play for you", "just another love song". And after your concert I like more your manners, style, your image which is so harmonious with your music.Tomas, I will very wait your next visit to Rostov again. Let me ask you, are you going to perform in on black sea soon?

Dear Tomas, please write me some words to email!
Best regards, all most of best to you and your wife,
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Polina

(beautiful name :-) )
thank you for the kind words. you are too kind.I am very glad that you like the songs.
I wiil send your regards to my wife.


ARIA  Russia?Novocherkassk 21-07-2004 10:02:18 CET

Tomas!You was super in Rostov! I love you add youre songs! I will wait for you in Rostov again! Good Luck, dear Tomas!)
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Tomas' comment:

Hey Aria

thanks so much
It was great to perform in Rostov
I hope to visit it again

best wishes, Tomas

Tomsen 10-07-2004 14:09:33 CET

Forresten, Lance Armstrong er 10 min bagud i turen.
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Tomas' comment:

Lance er vist rimeligt godt med igen :-)
skraemmende enkelt start

Tomsen  Århus, Denmark 10-07-2004 14:07:18 CET

Hej Tomsen
Kanon hjemmeside. Glæder mig til vi ses i RIga for at fyre den auf. Hils Pulina
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Tomas' comment:

Hey Tomsen

Thanx a bunch dude,
my wife's name is Polina.
see you in Riga


Natalya 09-07-2004 13:01:05 CET

Hello Tomas!
Could you tell me Valera'se-mail?
We met with him in Tomsk and I'd like
to see him again!!!
Please help me!!:)
p.s. excuse me for my english... I know it very bad..
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Natalya

I will give him you email address

Marina 01-07-2004 21:35:25 CET

Dear, Tomas
Thank you very much for visiting the town I live in Tomsk. It was a great gift to see your concert in life. I think you are a very talented person with magic not ordinry voice and your songs really make people feel. Hope to see you again on the celebration of the Jubelee of our town:D
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Tomas' comment:

Dear Marina

thank you so much
it was great playing in Tomsk.
this is the city where my wife was born, so it was a special feeling playing there.
And the city is named after me - great :-)


Elena  Russia 27-06-2004 11:49:04 CET

Hello TOMAS!!!!

Thank you SO MUCH for your music!!!!
Wait new lyrics!!!

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Tomas' comment:

Hello Lena

thank YOU.
I am working on new lyrics.

all the best Tomas

Nedved 10-06-2004 16:15:33 CET
Image of beautiful Nedved

Видели, сегодня вышел журнал ТВ-парк с Томасом на обложке! Правда, внутри инфа не новая. Но фотки с Полиной более менее.
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Tomas' comment:

Heeeeey Nedved

wonderful to see that you put a picture on our website. it looks a little strange though.

let's see some more pictures from all of you.


Raya 09-06-2004 23:21:25 CET

Hello dear Tomas!!!! It writes to you of Paradise. I live in the city of Krasnodar! I was not confident, that the letter will reach. But if you read it{him}, my dream has come true!!! Be not too lazy read the letter up to the end. I certainly understand, that to you there come letters in thousand, and to please all not easily! Excuse that not competently is written on English, I only study it{him}. I at all from those who write to stars! But you for me the greater! Understand me! I would like to lay out all feelings in the letter which I test at your creativity. I shall try. I very much respect you, both creative and human. I respect yours to the spouse! I want that you were very happy! Give the god to you health! I was at you on June, 4 at a concert in Krasnodar in " El Salvador Distances " .I was simply delight. Your songs always in my soul, they help me in all. Tears - it pleasure when I listen in your performance to songs. I after a concert could not believe, that I have seen you! It is so much not transmitted sensations, you sang with such ease! I am proud of you!!! My name is Paradise Sarkisyan, me of 16 years. Mine phone 89184530008. I ask about one answer to me please if it is not difficult for you. All this that is necessary for full happiness!!! With huge respect of Paradise
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Paradise Raya

that is truely a beautiful name.
and thank you so much for your beautiful letter. it's is very nice of you to write me all these sweet words.
I wish you all the best.

Lisa 07-06-2004 04:06:31 CET

Dear Thomas! I'm your biggest fan! I love your music and all of my friends too! I hope, you'll be realy happy in your life and career! My smile - for you!
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Tomas' comment:

Dear Liza

thank you thank you thank YOU
I certainly hope that life will bring you happiness.


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