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Maya  Moscow 21-08-2004 02:31:41 CET

"This is just another love song
Ordinary pop song
Words can not explain what I feel..."

This is all I can say... :-)
I have no words to express how I feel about this song and many other songs of Tomas. AWESOME! Duet with Polina Grifith is just perfect. You guys look great together! :-)
Thanks a lot for your music!!! :-)
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Ekaterina  Russia, Rostov-on-Don 16-08-2004 20:00:36 CET

Hey, Thomas! I worked at your concert as the dancer in the city of Rostov - on-Don. We blows "Freedom" refers to. We very much like your disk. It was pleasant to work with you. The concert has very much liked all our friends. We shall be glad to see you again in our city. A song where you sing in blow with Polina - super!!! . Send the regards to your musicians. You write words and music? Look ours with you a photo.
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Isabel  milan 12-08-2004 20:11:20 CET

Hi Tomas,
just wanted to said that I really like your music!!
Hope to see you in Milan with gigs=))
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jesper 06-08-2004 16:40:53 CET

hello tomas.i know not about you can danish or only english, but i has write to u in concact mail, and hope you will answer very soon back, because i has any quastion to you who i want and hope you can help me with make a people very happy....jesper from denmark
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Sergej 04-08-2004 23:25:49 CET

Hi Thomas!Super lieder!!!Schade was du bist in Germany nicht bekannt!!!Mach weiter.
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Dorte  Hadsten, Denmark 30-07-2004 11:32:45 CET

Fabelagtig musik og skøøøn stemme !!

Det er da helt forkert, at mange i Danmark slet ikke er klar over, at du har lavet dette pragtfulde album.

Har du/I planer for nogle aktiviteter og koncerter i Danmark ?

Anyway....tillykke med successen i Rusland !!

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Polina 26-07-2004 15:29:38 CET

Dear Tomas!
Thank you very much for your comments for my mail to You. I'm happy you answered. It is perfect!!!
When I read your words it is such feelings of me you write so how if this was Polina;)
I like she likes very interesting, talented and wonderful singer. Polina is my namesake, therefore I like from it more.It is difficult to say who is from you more talented and professional. You are super pair and singers, who is adored many thousands fans!
Happiness for you for everything!!!Your Polina.
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Polina 22-07-2004 15:32:39 CET

Hello dear Tomas!!! You are most terrific man in the world!!!

This was big happiness when You sang in Rostov-on-Don! Everybody is quite delight from You!
I have looked forward when You come to our city and it will possible to hear and see You really, Tomas!I adore your wonderful voluptuous songs and your voice is such gentile, exciting and simply stunned!It was unforgettable sensation for me to stay in front of you almost beside!
Tomas, you are very popular and have enormous success in Russia! All my friends love your creative activity.I believe your best songs are "since you have been gone", "every time", "I play for you", "just another love song". And after your concert I like more your manners, style, your image which is so harmonious with your music.Tomas, I will very wait your next visit to Rostov again. Let me ask you, are you going to perform in on black sea soon?

Dear Tomas, please write me some words to email!
Best regards, all most of best to you and your wife,
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Polina

(beautiful name :-) )
thank you for the kind words. you are too kind.I am very glad that you like the songs.
I wiil send your regards to my wife.


ARIA  Russia?Novocherkassk 21-07-2004 10:02:18 CET

Tomas!You was super in Rostov! I love you add youre songs! I will wait for you in Rostov again! Good Luck, dear Tomas!)
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Tomas' comment:

Hey Aria

thanks so much
It was great to perform in Rostov
I hope to visit it again

best wishes, Tomas

Tomsen 10-07-2004 14:09:33 CET

Forresten, Lance Armstrong er 10 min bagud i turen.
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Tomas' comment:

Lance er vist rimeligt godt med igen :-)
skraemmende enkelt start

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