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Nedved 10-06-2004 16:15:33 CET
Image of beautiful Nedved

Видели, сегодня вышел журнал ТВ-парк с Томасом на обложке! Правда, внутри инфа не новая. Но фотки с Полиной более менее.
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Tomas' comment:

Heeeeey Nedved

wonderful to see that you put a picture on our website. it looks a little strange though.

let's see some more pictures from all of you.


Raya 09-06-2004 23:21:25 CET

Hello dear Tomas!!!! It writes to you of Paradise. I live in the city of Krasnodar! I was not confident, that the letter will reach. But if you read it{him}, my dream has come true!!! Be not too lazy read the letter up to the end. I certainly understand, that to you there come letters in thousand, and to please all not easily! Excuse that not competently is written on English, I only study it{him}. I at all from those who write to stars! But you for me the greater! Understand me! I would like to lay out all feelings in the letter which I test at your creativity. I shall try. I very much respect you, both creative and human. I respect yours to the spouse! I want that you were very happy! Give the god to you health! I was at you on June, 4 at a concert in Krasnodar in " El Salvador Distances " .I was simply delight. Your songs always in my soul, they help me in all. Tears - it pleasure when I listen in your performance to songs. I after a concert could not believe, that I have seen you! It is so much not transmitted sensations, you sang with such ease! I am proud of you!!! My name is Paradise Sarkisyan, me of 16 years. Mine phone 89184530008. I ask about one answer to me please if it is not difficult for you. All this that is necessary for full happiness!!! With huge respect of Paradise
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Paradise Raya

that is truely a beautiful name.
and thank you so much for your beautiful letter. it's is very nice of you to write me all these sweet words.
I wish you all the best.

Lisa 07-06-2004 04:06:31 CET

Dear Thomas! I'm your biggest fan! I love your music and all of my friends too! I hope, you'll be realy happy in your life and career! My smile - for you!
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Tomas' comment:

Dear Liza

thank you thank you thank YOU
I certainly hope that life will bring you happiness.


Dudnick Dmitry  Ukraine Rivne 24-05-2004 20:21:50 CET

Tomas you are the best!!! Wait for you in Rivne city 29 may in Ukraine!!! . Dmitry Dudnik
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Max  chicago, USA 11-05-2004 01:06:59 CET

Another attempt to post photo in the guestbook! The friends I've shared your music with - we all love it, hope to see you and polina stateside one day!! The millions would love you here!
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Daria 10-05-2004 17:47:40 CET

Tomas,you are my favourite singer. Since you have been gone is the best song I have ever heard. I think I fall in love with your romantic image& songs.I am sure that you are very kind. I feel along and you songs always help me. Dear Tomas, thank you very much for your songs. I wish you good luck and happiness.
I look forward to hearing from you
Best wishes
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Daria

I am very glad that you like that song.
thank you for your beautiful letter.
all the best wishes for you in the future, Tomas

Рысе&# 03-05-2004 03:31:13 CET

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Max Again 30-04-2004 17:44:11 CET

An Attempt to put up my picture!
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Max Siker  Chicago, USA 30-04-2004 17:41:48 CET

Hey Tomas.. I've heard a few of your songs played on Europa+ And one of your core members to a growing fanbase here. I would believe when you do make an attempt to penetrate the US market - that I expect fantastic success for you here.

Not that I'm a music prognosticator (and in fact I'm a mechanical engineer) - I think people on this side will really love your music as I do. And congratulations (& mazel tov) to you and Polina!!!

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Vicky 24-04-2004 13:47:57 CET

Hi Tomas and Polina,
I wanted to ask you if you are having any concerts in Denmark!? I am russian too and my guy is dane this year I am moving to him! I dont have any friends in Denmark yet but hope everything will be great and if we couls write mails sometimes it would be great! Of course i know but don't have a lot of time but still!
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