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Рысе&# 03-05-2004 03:31:13 CET

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Max Again 30-04-2004 17:44:11 CET

An Attempt to put up my picture!
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Max Siker  Chicago, USA 30-04-2004 17:41:48 CET

Hey Tomas.. I've heard a few of your songs played on Europa+ And one of your core members to a growing fanbase here. I would believe when you do make an attempt to penetrate the US market - that I expect fantastic success for you here.

Not that I'm a music prognosticator (and in fact I'm a mechanical engineer) - I think people on this side will really love your music as I do. And congratulations (& mazel tov) to you and Polina!!!

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Vicky 24-04-2004 13:47:57 CET

Hi Tomas and Polina,
I wanted to ask you if you are having any concerts in Denmark!? I am russian too and my guy is dane this year I am moving to him! I dont have any friends in Denmark yet but hope everything will be great and if we couls write mails sometimes it would be great! Of course i know but don't have a lot of time but still!
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Polina  Rostov-on-Don 23-04-2004 17:33:51 CET

Hello dear Thomas!
You make me glad very much, because it is possible to see you more often by tv.I hear your new song in duet with Polina. She is very professional and nice singer.Thomas, I am enchanted by you and this song.My passion is music. I like very much to sing in this line soul. Therefore I adore hear you, and certainly to see You. It seems to meyou are kind and good.
Thomas, I think you will find one minute to be writing to me your message and "to change my world".
Thank you a lot before,
Yours Polina.
PS: Thomas, you already received my email.
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Marina 15-04-2004 21:48:19 CET

Привет!! Мне кажется, Вы говорите по-русски? Обажаю Ваши песни, и не я одна.Почти все мои друзья любят их.
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Hi Tomas! 15-04-2004 07:47:34 CET

Tomas, you is the one of the best signers,i hope you'll do what you want anr reach every mountain youy want to. Tomas, please, don't sign the same song, or hte same types, make different ones! Even different styles.Do not lose sattisafaction in what you do! Sign for people, we know the cost of your songs! Visit Almaty, cheers!Rita
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me 13-04-2004 15:51:49 CET

I am
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Sveta 11-04-2004 14:33:09 CET

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Svetlana 11-04-2004 13:03:18 CET

one more experiment
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