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Sveta 11-04-2004 14:33:09 CET

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Svetlana 11-04-2004 13:03:18 CET

one more experiment
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Svetlana 11-04-2004 13:00:26 CET

Wow! It was Successfully!! one more...
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Svetlana  Irkutsk 11-04-2004 12:56:26 CET
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I am trying to add my picture...It seems will be failed
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Svetlana  Irkutsk 10-04-2004 15:45:48 CET

Hello, Thomas!!!!!
Yesterday I visited your consert in our nightclub "Megacity" in Irkutsk.
That was fun! Thank You for your music.
I wonder why Nobody knows about You in Denmark and in all Europe.
I told about You to my friends from Denmark, Netherlands and so on.
They were impressed with your songs.
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Anders Budtz-Jørgensen  Danmark 02-04-2004 22:44:50 CET

Hej Thomas
Fik lige pointeret ud at du stadig rocker showet i Rusland. Mange cowboy hilsener Budtz

ps. tager til Moskva næste uge!
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Ksenia 31-03-2004 13:54:50 CET

Hello, everybody! Could you explain to me where he is from, please. Couse i don't understand it at all. Tank you. I like your creation so much.
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Oleg  Kiev 29-03-2004 22:13:34 CET

Hello everybody! I need lyrics of "Just another love song" very much! Could somebody help me?
Thanks in advance.
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Angel Kessi 29-03-2004 14:33:48 CET
Image of beautiful Angel Kessi

Том! Ну зачем же ты подстригся?.. =) Под русского решил косить? ;))) И почему на фабрике звезд ты пел не новую песню а старую, которую еще на 2ой пел? непорядок.. =))
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Айну&# 28-03-2004 19:39:56 CET

Всем привет!!!Томас хочет подстричь свои прекрасные кудрявые волосы????!!!!!!!!!
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