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katya 27-03-2004 23:31:53 CET

Привет ))
Полина, не разрешай ему стричься )))
голубоглазые и длинноволосые - Forever! :)))
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hellen  Russia 26-03-2004 11:28:36 CET

I'm very glad you are happy now!!!
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Evgenia 21-03-2004 19:12:48 CET

Hello I am Evgenia from Estonia.
Thank you for your songs. You are best!!!
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Vasily A.Nesterov  Finland 16-03-2004 16:38:02 CET

Well, thanks a lot for your music, buddy. Just another love song is a hit of the decade. Keep going same way, looking forward to new pop-ups from you.
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Jurgita  Lithuania 03-03-2004 10:43:47 CET

I heared a song of N'evergreen in Russia first. It became a hit for me. It is a pitty not to hear "Since you've been gone" on the radio in my country.
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Ainur 14-02-2004 10:14:58 CET

Happy Valentin's Day!
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Katya K.  USA (used to be from Ukraine) 10-02-2004 15:45:28 CET

Hi! My name is Katya. I live in USA now, but citizen of Ukraine. I miss your music so much, because here I can't find anything about you. I hope to buy your new album as soon as I come home in May! I wish you always to be the best.
Bye, kiss-X
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Alexander Grabovskiy  NYC 02-02-2004 03:01:00 CET

At go to Polina and Tomas page, or directly to
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Alexander Grabovskiy  Alwys Green Land 01-02-2004 17:40:03 CET

Hello everyone!
On behalf of all of the funs of Polina and Tomas, Let me congratulate them, with the biggest event in their life! They are married and pronounced Husband and Wife!
Quiet and beautiful ceremony took place in the very old Russian Church, not far from New York. Ceremony where attended by the very close relatives and a few friends.
This was very romantic evening, unusual for New York snow fall, like "Pokrova", covered all around a Church. Father George lead the ceremony in a very Russian Orthodox tradition. But what we can say more: "GORKO!!!ɒGORKO!!!ɒGORKO!!!"
And look for yourself at
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Nina  I love your musik 31-01-2004 13:47:02 CET

Hi, my dear Nevergreen! My name is Nina. I am from Minsk (Belarus).You are my idols.I can't imagine my life without your musik. You are the best!!! Thank you very much for "SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE"
Good luck!
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