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Ksenia 31-03-2004 13:54:50 CET

Hello, everybody! Could you explain to me where he is from, please. Couse i don't understand it at all. Tank you. I like your creation so much.
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Oleg  Kiev 29-03-2004 22:13:34 CET

Hello everybody! I need lyrics of "Just another love song" very much! Could somebody help me?
Thanks in advance.
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Angel Kessi 29-03-2004 14:33:48 CET
Image of beautiful Angel Kessi

Том! Ну зачем же ты подстригся?.. =) Под русского решил косить? ;))) И почему на фабрике звезд ты пел не новую песню а старую, которую еще на 2ой пел? непорядок.. =))
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Айну&# 28-03-2004 19:39:56 CET

Всем привет!!!Томас хочет подстричь свои прекрасные кудрявые волосы????!!!!!!!!!
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katya 27-03-2004 23:31:53 CET

Привет ))
Полина, не разрешай ему стричься )))
голубоглазые и длинноволосые - Forever! :)))
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hellen  Russia 26-03-2004 11:28:36 CET

I'm very glad you are happy now!!!
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Evgenia 21-03-2004 19:12:48 CET

Hello I am Evgenia from Estonia.
Thank you for your songs. You are best!!!
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Vasily A.Nesterov  Finland 16-03-2004 16:38:02 CET

Well, thanks a lot for your music, buddy. Just another love song is a hit of the decade. Keep going same way, looking forward to new pop-ups from you.
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Jurgita  Lithuania 03-03-2004 10:43:47 CET

I heared a song of N'evergreen in Russia first. It became a hit for me. It is a pitty not to hear "Since you've been gone" on the radio in my country.
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Ainur 14-02-2004 10:14:58 CET

Happy Valentin's Day!
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