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Maria 29-01-2004 15:49:07 CET

Hello, Tomas!
I'm Maria from Moscow. I have just read the article about you and Polina in "Seventeen"s magazine and it impressed me deeply - even in the photo I see that you are so in love with each other! I dont know why, maybe it is foolish, but I feel so happy that you have found you Love I wish you the best, to make Polina really happy person and I wish Her to be your muse
Because you worthy of it.
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Irene 28-01-2004 19:48:41 CET

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Ainura 22-01-2004 16:58:38 CET

Hi Tomas!How are you?I am Ainura from kazakhstan.Do you remember me?
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Hallo, our adorable Tom,
We: IRENE from Stavropol and IRENE from Cherkessk (RUSSIA) are friends and we love your devine music! We're so glad you to answer!!! It's unforgetable minutes for us! We just want to wish you all the best that can only be wished!!! Every word you write here is like a wave that makes us happy!
Please, be with us and sing for a long, long, long time if not forever!
Truly yours,
two Irenes.
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Irene 07-01-2004 21:53:27 CET

Hallo dear Tomas, Irene from Stavropol(Russia)is writing to you. I ofen vizit this site but, unfortunately, my English is poor to write messages in the guest book. I just want to thank you for your existence & for your devine music!!! But for some reson, I can't believe you'll read this message. Was that really you who had replied to the messages of some girls here? It's sad but I don't that such man as you can answer me... But I'd like to believe in dream... With best regards, Irene.
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Irene

thank you for your beautiful words.
I understand your English without any problems.
Yes I reply some times in this guestbook when I have time.
Happy new year to you


Andrei 07-01-2004 08:32:26 CET

Привет Томас !!!
Приезжай в Таллинн
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Daiana  Estonia 06-01-2004 15:21:19 CET

Hey! This site is great and the group is awesome:-) Since U've been gone - one of the most beautiful songs of last summer and it's very special for me:-)Good luck!
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kessy 24-12-2003 16:47:31 CET

Do you really love Polina Griffis? =(( I can't believe this....
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Kessy

yes I really love Polina Griffith.
I miss her, she is in New York at the moment


Henrietta fon Schteiner 24-12-2003 14:00:38 CET

Hi, Tomas. How businesses? Sorry for my mistakes.
Why you so love Russia? And why you so work in other countries of Europe a little? What do in holidays? Where you will act on December 30?
Good luck.With love, Henrietta fon Schteiner.
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kessy 24-12-2003 12:18:16 CET

oh, Tom, you are wonderful.but I nowhere can find your, admin, pleeeease, make smth to me...=)
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