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lybarik 10-12-2003 09:06:06 CET

Привет tomas как впечатление после турне по России, я узнала тебя только после того как ты выступил на фабрики звезд а когда увидела,сразуже понравился голос ,просто супер, так держать жду нового альбома
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Evgeniya  Arkhangelsk, Russia 10-12-2003 06:46:35 CET

Hi Tomas. I'm glad that you appeared in Russia. Your music so wonderful. I wait impatiently for your album. I hope you will make happy us in future as now. Thank you...
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Lubchik 05-12-2003 11:39:46 CET

Здравствуй Томас!
Знаю, ты изучаешь русский язык, поэтому буду писать на русском, для практики
Огромный привет из Москвы! Как тебе наш славный город?
У тебя приятный голос, хорошие песни.. Подумываю обзавестись альбомом.:)
Скажи, пожалуйста, ты выступаешь в московских клубах? Если да, то, в каких? Хотелось бы сходить на концерт.
Жду ответа.
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Johnny G  http://non  ru 28-11-2003 21:19:32 CET

Hi, Do you ever perform on clubs?
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Anastasiya  Чита 24-11-2003 09:35:48 CET

Hi thomas! Your voice is godness! Im russian girl, but when i listen your song, i thinking about love, life and adout my men, which I yet have not met! Its perfect!I yet did not listen your album, I can not it find anywhere, but I necessarily shall buy itand I shall enjoy your creativity in complete volume:) You are best!!
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kathy  Russia, Moscow 21-11-2003 19:50:03 CET

hallo Thomas. i'm Kate. i've heard your music on radio station & liked it very much. i have been looking for your site for several weeks, i'm very glad to find it at last.thank you for Since u've been gone.. really a very good one. you are the second singer from Denmark that appealed to me, the first one was Saybia..good luck in composing new songs,& i'll try to play them on guitar..
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Anton  New York 16-11-2003 06:00:21 CET

Wwwwwoooooooowwwwwwwww Tomaz you great and your music is really nice i listen you everyday. I can listen to your music forever!
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Ainura 11-11-2003 18:25:06 CET

Hello !How are you?I like your music!
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RadioSpace 05-11-2003 07:38:50 CET

Hi Tomas! Your music is very famous in Baku(the capital of Azerbaican). We think, it will be interesting for you, that your song "Since you've been gone" have been selected as "the best song of the summer" in Baku. Youth espesially like you. "Since you've been gone" rised to the first place of our chart named as "Space-chart"!!! We have heard your "Play for you" at the consert and like it very much! Remember Our radiostation "Space - 104FM" love you !!!

P.S. Can you please, do one favour for us?!:) We need your voise!:))) Don't be afraid, we need it in, for example as mp3 file, such as: "Hi Azerbaican, this is Tomas. You are listening Radio Space" It will be a great acquistion for our radio and your Azeri fans!
Be happy and make us happy with your music! And our best regards to Polina!:)))
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Malyshk@ 04-11-2003 12:02:51 CET

I must heart these Sings ever and ever!!!
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