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inta 14-10-2003 15:29:41 CET

Hi Tomas!
Although i don't live in Russia, i saw you on their tv and it was a great surprise to know that you are this one who sings this song i like so much! You have a great voice and your songs fall deep in my ( and anothers) heart for a long!Don't give up and i can't wait for new songs from you!;)
p.s. you looks good with this russian girl and did you hear before how she was happy to sing a song with you! She was overjoyed .
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Оксана  ВЛАДИВОСТОК (Россия) 27-09-2003 09:43:18 CET

Hi, Tomas!
Ты просто СУПЕР!!!!!!!!!
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Natalie  Moscow 20-09-2003 19:13:21 CET

Hello there again! How come i didn't know that you were goin to shoot the video for "Since you've been gone" here, in Moscow? Anyway, i hope it's turned out awesome and that we'll be able to see it soon. Also, when is your album goin to be released here? I can't find it anywhere. Well, good luck with everything you do now and in the future and hope your trip to Moscow will bring you the inspiration for the new awesome songs!

Much luv, Natty
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Luda 05-09-2003 15:00:44 CET

ты парень-то я посмотрю ничего !!!
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Tomas' comment:

Dear Luda.

Thank you for the pleasant words

Jenny  Belgium 26-08-2003 23:06:44 CET

Hi Thomas,I have never heard of you untill I went to Ukraine to visit my family, and i just fell in love with your music, especially with the song 'Everytime I see your smile', I really can relate myself to it, it made my summer unforgetable!!!Everytime I hear it reminds me how great life is :-) Thanx for that!! I wish your album will come out in Belgium. Big KISS from Belgium Love Ya!!!
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Jenny

Thank you for your beautiful words.
yes life is great isn't it
I am so glad to hear you can relate yourself to my music
I'm enjoying the indian summer here in Denmark now


Tanya  Minsk, Belarus 26-08-2003 15:35:17 CET

Warm hello from Belarus!
You are great! Wish I could hear all your songs...

Best of luck to you!

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Tomas' comment:

Thank you very much! I hope the album will be out within a month in Belarus.

Sabina and Lisa 26-08-2003 02:31:18 CET

Dearest Tomas! We love your music! You are the best! N'evergreen is our favourite groop! Wow! Wow! Wow!
Best wishes! We want to become your friends! Hope, not only virtual!
Love and kisses!
Two great girls.
P.S. To all the people: ALL OF YOU, LOVE N'EVERGREEN!
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Sugarbaby 13-08-2003 14:31:35 CET

I'm in Germany now, and there's nobody knows about you. Why it is so? I can't understand. Next week I will fly to Copenhagen. Let's see if you are loved there
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Vitalka 12-08-2003 10:41:47 CET

You are so great!!!!!
I'm from so poor country with totalitarian regime.
I have no money.

PLEEEEASE, TOMAZ, send me your songs in MP3!!!
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Ксен&# 05-08-2003 09:45:23 CET

Просто, здравствуй...
Твои песни - очень романтические! Под них хорошо грустить и думать о том, чего не вернуть... Особенно, люблю "Since You're Gone
since you're gone
the nights are gettin' strange..."
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