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florence  italy 31-01-2008 10:36:10 CET

funny to see you take care of plastic baby, maybe your own children would like that attention?
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innessa  Ukraine 02-01-2008 11:40:20 CET

Happy New year Thomas! I wish you happiness, lots of smiles, strong health and everything the best for you and for your family! Be happy!
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innessa  Ukraine 01-01-2008 23:53:44 CET

Hi Thomas! i just want to say thank you for your music,especially for the song 'since you've been gone'.It is great!I adore it and all your songs .Well done Tom! I wish you good luck and a great success in everything!
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natia  georgia 13-12-2007 13:55:01 CET
Image of beautiful natia

hi tomas i am natia from georgia i love your music very much, you are one of the best pop songer for me i wish to meet you, and i will be very happy if you come in georgia and i think you must like uor country, and also i will be very happy if you add me in your yahoo or msn messenger, or in you skype, but i think it is im posible,
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Lilu  Moscow 07-10-2007 18:09:28 CET

Hi, Thomas! Thank you very very very mach
for your songs!
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Tomas' comment:

Hi, Lilu!
Thank You very much for listening
Best wishes, Tomas

Alina 14-09-2007 11:58:43 CET

Hi Tomas, sorry for my bad English.I am student from Ukraine, Sumy, I like your songs very much, and anxiously wait the new compositions.Never was in Moscow , but certain that this excellent city. Write me please on my mail if it is possible. Irespectfully yours,Alina.
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Tomas' comment:

Hi, Alina! Your English is good, don't worry) I'm not a native speaker too. Thank you for your warm words. Sorry, I can't write on your mail. I should keep my privacy But you can put whatever you want here or on my Sincerely yours, Tomas

katja 17-08-2007 19:07:14 CET

hello!it's almost over 4 years ago when I heard your song "since you been gone" russia for the fist time, while visiting my relatives. I loved it and tried to find more of your music here back in germany! since then I listen to it regulary and itz is not like with other music,that starts to annoy one after havng listened to it for a couple of times. I feel thrown back in time everytime when I listen to your songs. There are so many memories I assosiate with your music! So thank you a lot for your wonderful lyrics and the finess you put in your words! good luck in everything. And as an artist never forget that your music is a great part of some peoples life. Be proud of that fact and keep on doing where you're good at:)!
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Arshak M  Toronto, Canada 07-07-2007 08:29:49 CET

Hey Tomas

Look I've been listening to your music for very long time, and I apreciate it alot. Its just great. I just dont understand why are you staying in shade? Im sure people love your music. All I want to say you should just be more active, try to find good sponsors and continue your career and develop your supperb talent which is, as someone mentioned before, RARE!

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Tomas' comment:

I'm in the studio, not in the shade. But thank you for your advice and your kind words.

Yelena 18-06-2007 15:36:48 CET

Hi, Tomas!
I MISS You, really... I mean Your TV appearances....
Any hope to see You and hear Your songs on TV soon?

PS You can give a hug to anyone at a supermarket(kidding), but please do perform for us)))))Respect.
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VladVlad ;)  USA/Russia 25-05-2007 08:44:36 CET

Your music is great!
You have a very organic quality to your pop. I like that-- that\'s a rare talent.
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Tomas' comment:

Thank you Vlad

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