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Anna))) 03-09-2008 11:34:43 CET

This is Anna from Odessa)))Hope You remember me)))
Was nice to meet you)
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Alina  Ukraine 28-08-2008 00:12:14 CET

Hello.You didn't answer me last time. Maybe another day. I wait with anxiously. Для тех кто понимает по русски. Надеюсь ты понимаешь Том. Ясное дело у тебя милион фанатов и я одна из них. Если бы ты ответил было бы действительно просто здоровски. Щас у меня такой тяжелый период жизни что чуть чуть поддержки не помешало бы. Надеюсь ты знаеш что такое одиночество и напишешь.
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Katya  Russia 29-07-2008 17:33:30 CET

you are a talented person and thank you for that!Unfortunately nowadays rarely can hear somebody unique like you.

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Mikael  Copenhagen - Denmark 01-07-2008 19:40:17 CET

Hejsa Tomas.
Fedt at høre, at du stadigvæk laver musik og i bedste stil kan jeg læse på din siden.
Købte for nogle år siden, din single "Every time (I see your smile), og den er blevet godt tyndslidt.
Den musik du laver er tidsløs og man kan ikke lade være med at nynne med eller rokke med foden.
Bliv ved med det......
Tak for god musik.
/ Mikael
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florence  italy 31-01-2008 10:36:10 CET

funny to see you take care of plastic baby, maybe your own children would like that attention?
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innessa  Ukraine 02-01-2008 11:40:20 CET

Happy New year Thomas! I wish you happiness, lots of smiles, strong health and everything the best for you and for your family! Be happy!
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innessa  Ukraine 01-01-2008 23:53:44 CET

Hi Thomas! i just want to say thank you for your music,especially for the song 'since you've been gone'.It is great!I adore it and all your songs .Well done Tom! I wish you good luck and a great success in everything!
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natia  georgia 13-12-2007 13:55:01 CET
Image of beautiful natia

hi tomas i am natia from georgia i love your music very much, you are one of the best pop songer for me i wish to meet you, and i will be very happy if you come in georgia and i think you must like uor country, and also i will be very happy if you add me in your yahoo or msn messenger, or in you skype, but i think it is im posible,
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Lilu  Moscow 07-10-2007 18:09:28 CET

Hi, Thomas! Thank you very very very mach
for your songs!
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Tomas' comment:

Hi, Lilu!
Thank You very much for listening
Best wishes, Tomas

Alina 14-09-2007 11:58:43 CET

Hi Tomas, sorry for my bad English.I am student from Ukraine, Sumy, I like your songs very much, and anxiously wait the new compositions.Never was in Moscow , but certain that this excellent city. Write me please on my mail if it is possible. Irespectfully yours,Alina.
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Tomas' comment:

Hi, Alina! Your English is good, don't worry) I'm not a native speaker too. Thank you for your warm words. Sorry, I can't write on your mail. I should keep my privacy But you can put whatever you want here or on my Sincerely yours, Tomas

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