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Dave  USA 20-04-2007 00:31:48 CET

I think its great that you have away for fans to communicate with you and each other! Not all artists do!! As fans of any artistwe should only expect them to do what they do best.. make music... that we can enjoy forever.

As an artist you go above and beyond your duty!! keep entertaining and making great songs for us to enjoy..respond if and when you can!!
keep creating and performing thats what we want!
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yelena 08-04-2007 11:32:41 CET

Hi, Tomas!
It's a pity you havent' been following ur home page lately.Don't you see, how, oh, so many fans of yours are waiting for ur comments?They respect you and ur art. They are ur true fans. Ready to support you.
Are you lost? Depressed? Sooo busy? Away? In no need of our feedback? or you don't consider that to be "the feedback" you want, the "proper" feedback?

Sorry, then.

But then logically, why open this Home Page? --- To entertain our free time?:))))) - (Spare me..!)

Myself, I really support you. And I think this is great if there are people who are eager to tell you - "You are OK. Hold on! Keep on doing what you do...whatever the circumstances".

Hope you are in the state of reacting to the good will of those who like you.
:)))))) Cheer up, nice man!Stay with us.You can find the sincere soothing and critical comments here since we... love, like, need you...

PS. I apologize before other fans, who may think I am too imposing. I don't mean to be that.I am friendly.:)))
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Tomas' comment:

Dear Yelena,

Thanx alot for your message.

I want you to know that I do appreciate your support and read all thecomments you(fans) leave in my guestbook.

Currently Iím in studio mixing and recording strings for my upcoming album.

Keep a check on my News section

Iím with you!

Best wishes,

sofia 16-03-2007 17:32:26 CET

I love you
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Irina  Ukraine,Kherson 25-02-2007 11:02:38 CET
Image of beautiful Irina

Hi Tomas!How are u? Welcome to my
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Margo  United States 01-02-2007 08:44:38 CET

i love your music Tomas)))
Can't forget your concert in Baku.
Love your music, and everybody I know do too
You're very talented.

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Tres 24-01-2007 17:51:51 CET

Hello Tomas. Thank you for your lovely songs.

Please answer, do you have a Russian citizenship? Thanks in advance.
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David  US 08-01-2007 20:40:12 CET

Does anyone know where I can find his music (CD) in the states?
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Jenya  around the world 02-01-2007 02:38:16 CET
Image of beautiful Jenya

Dear Tomas,

I wish you a very Happy New Year, and lots of love, friendship, health, succes and great suprises!!! :)I left here a message 3 years ago after I visited my family in Ukraine and discovered your music, it's really amazing how fast time goes...isn't it?
I moved to L.A. in the meantime, and I still love your music!!! Please make more!!! haha
Luv ya,

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Irina  Ukraine,Kherson 01-01-2007 01:54:05 CET

hi!I congratulate you and I wish happy New Year and Merry Christmas!!!May all your dreams come true in this year!!!
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rachel  Orlando, Florida 30-12-2006 03:29:22 CET

Hi there Tomas!
I visted Ukraine a year and a half ago and while visiting a small cafe daily for meals, they played your music. I was unable to pick up your CD while there. I returned to the states and had asked for your music as a gift but no one could find it. I'm glad to see that your music is now available via the web. Hello to all your Ukranian fans! Thanks for introducing the music to me.
Take care!
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