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Semion 29-11-2006 22:35:36 CET

You are superstar!!
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Julia  Moscow 29-11-2006 08:33:34 CET

нННН!!! ))))) Tomas!
I looked video, your ОПШФЕЙ with a parachute! I do not have words!)))
Of what you think in these some seconds?
You probably were happy then.

P.S. You really like my picture? Sometimes I a little bit the artist...
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Tomas' comment:

you know Julia, to be honest, when I just jumped out of the helicopter I thought I died.
but after some seconds when realized that I was in heaven, but still alive, it was a fantastic feeling. and a beautiful view over Krasnodar.
I want to do it again. next summer :-)
good picture. let's see some more

SkyVideo  Russia 27-11-2006 22:06:05 CET

Привет Томас!
Надеюсь ты уже хорошо говоришь и читаешь по русски...
Надеюсь ты помнишь свои гастроли в Краснодаре в 2004 году...
Тогда ты впервые познакомился с небом!
Если будет желание повторить свяжись со мной... Я сейчас работаю на подмосковной DropZone Аэроград Коломна.
Ну а для всех поклонников Томаса выкладываю ссылку на видео с его прыжком.
Thomas N\'Evergreen First Skydive
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Ninel 25-11-2006 01:29:03 CET

Hi "Nevergreen", I am writing to you to tell you how much I love your music, that's because it has true meaning of love in it. I love your music and i wounder when you will have a new cd?
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Irina  Ukraine,Kherson 21-11-2006 22:01:30 CET

Hi!How are you?Do you have favourite actors? Do you have favourite poets? I like Sheakspeare!Do you like a famous English poet,writer,actor,dramatist William Sheakspeare? Do you read "Romeo and Juliet"?Do you like watch films and read novels,poems about love?
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Irina

I feel better than James Brown thank you. how are you?
I am reading Pushkin at the moment. in English. And I like Hemmingway very much. I read Shakespeare in school and saw some of his plays. Romeo and Juliet I like with Leonardo De Caprio. he is one of my favourite actors.
I just saw a great movie called "children of man" and another one named "science of dreams"
super movies
best, Tomas

Julia 19-11-2006 17:56:09 CET

Hi Tomas!
I for a long time love your music.I heard your songs by radio, even before release of a disk in Russia. I love a lot of different music, but for me you the best.
I want to ask much, but I almost do not know English.Sorry... I ask to excuse, if I write not clear.
Your new photos on page "myspace" have liked.На a background of a rural fence (very much).... I smile.
In mine WindowsPleer now plays Didier Marouani. What music you like to listen to the last some days?
Have a nice day!
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Julia

spasibo bolshoya. your English is much better that my Russian I can promise you that :-)
yes there are some funny pictures on

I like the Police very much. the English band.
I must hear Didier Marouani.

best, Tomas

Marianne  Danmark 19-11-2006 00:43:12 CET

Hej Tomas,

Måtte lige checke din side ud her også -har jo "opdaget" dig på Myspace og anede ikke engang at du var dansk *s* Hvor er det fed musik...dybt underligt at du skulle til Rusland for at blive anerkendt for din lækre musik - håber at det breder sig til Danmark :-) jeg vil i al fald lede efter din CD her.

Forsat endelig med den musikstil - den rammer plet ;-)

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Tomas' comment:

Hej Marianne

Tak skal du have.
jeg er glad for at hoere du kan lide musikken.det er jo ikke hver dag jeg hoerer fra Danmark.
ha det godt

KH Tomas

Irina  Ukraine,Kherson 16-11-2006 19:59:23 CET

Hi! The members of your group "N'evergreen" from Denmark or Russia?I saw girl and two boys,who very good plays in concert.
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Irina

my drummer and Guitarist and bassplayer are from Russia. and the keyboard player and back vocalist Kim is partly from Korea and he claims that dog meat tastes delicious. In Denmark pig meat is very popular.
but close to where you live, in Odessa I ate a very tasty fish called butschki that only lives in the black sea. is that correct?

best wishes, Tomas

Julia 12-11-2006 17:31:06 CET

I wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!It is a lot of, a lot of good luck for you, and may all your dreams come true!
For you my collages :
P.S. and very much I wait your following album...and a new song.
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Tomas' comment:

Thank you Julia.
I'm going to look at your collages now
before i go back to the studio to work on the new song

Irina  Ukraine,Kherson 12-11-2006 15:48:02 CET

Hello my friend! How are you?I congratulate you with your birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday Tomas.May all your dreams come true!!!
I wish you good luck in your life and prifession!!!Have a nice holiday in birthday!!!Have a good time!!!
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Tomas' comment:

Hi Irina

thank you for the bithday song :-)

best, Tomas

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