About Nevergreen

Thoughts and biography

Hi. I am Tomas Nevergreen. Welcome to my new webpage. What the heck! A new webpage? Why? Well, I kinda liked the old one with the green moving squares and the star dust following the mouse track. But I was told the lack of responsive design, no https, etc. had a very bad impact on the Google ranking. Normally I wouldn't have big concerns about internet security, secure socket layers and web responsivity, but I like to be in good standing with Google, so here we are ... So what will happen to the floating squares and star dust in the mouse track? What about the chat room and gallery? Maybe they return in a not so distant future. Let's wait and see.

The music

As a child I drove everybody nuts by drumming and tapping on different things to produce beautiful rhythms. And when I at age 12, got my first drum kit (with four cymbals), I never looked back. Through the young years I explored different genres of music until I made the smashing hits Every time (I see your smile) and Since you've been gone that wrecked into the hit charts. For a while I joined different duets (eg with Keti Topuria,Kristina Orbakaite, Leonid Agutin, Christina Chanée, Polina Griffith and more), but now I am back in the Banya Studios to produce new music. Back in the saddle again.